TA-Anything User Guide

TA-Anything is built using Python with anvil.works and the Technical Analysis Python library.

Data & Formatting

  1. Accepts .csv (comma-separated values) files under 2 MB in size only. If you have a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx), remove any commas from your data and re-save it as a .csv.
  2. TA-Anything will not store or share your data. However, do not assume it is secure (although it should be). Be careful with what you upload.
  3. Blank entries will cause a row to be dropped.
  4. TA-Anything will only make use of the first two columns of your file. The first column will serve as X-axis labels and the second column as Y data.
  5. The first row will be used for header labels.

Formatting Example

Technical Indicators and Parameters

  1. Technical indicators are provided by the Python library Technical Analysis: https://technical-analysis-library-in-python.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html
  2. Use only positive integers for a technical indicator’s parameters.
  3. If a parameter’s label is “N/A” it is not relevant to that indicator and may be ignored. Otherwise, a integer must be provided. See the Technical Analysis library’s documentation for more information on the indicators and their parameters.

Interactive Chart Tools

The chart has several interactive features, including zooming and image export, available on both mobile and desktop browsers. The video below provides a quick look at chart manipulation.

Data is daily confirmed US COVID-19 cases from John’s Hopkins University on a 7-day rolling average.