Introducing TA-Anything: Technical analysis for nearly anything

Some traders undoubtedly have success applying technical analysis to markets while many others flail in the wind trying to chase potential trend reversals identified by their favorite lagging indicators. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other on the merits of technical analysis. Nevertheless, the variety of oscillators, momentum indicators, trend analyses and other indicators relying on nothing more than OHLC price (and sometimes volume) data has fascinated me. There are countless platforms available for applying technical analysis to stocks, futures contracts, cryptocurrencies, and other market data with just a few clicks. But I was curios to see what technical analysis would reveal about data that exists outside of financial markets, so I built TA-Anything: Technical analysis for nearly anything.

TA-Anything is a web-app enabling quick and easy technical analysis of nearly any two-column/time-series dataset. Simply upload a (properly formatted) .CSV file, select an indicator, tweak the parameters if you want, and hit the chart button to generate an interactive chart of your dataset plotted alongside the technical indicator.

Most, if not all, technical indicators were designed specifically for stock market analysis (and futures, crypto, etc.). And because technical analysis may or may not be pseudoscience to begin with, applying technical analysis to non-financial instruments is at least one-step removed from pseudoscience. But curiosity and a desire to expand my Python skill-set got the best of me, so now TA-Anything is a thing. It will remain a work in progress for the foreseeable future. If you have a chance to experiment with it please share your findings.

TA-Anything is built using Python with and the Technical Analysis Python library.

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